Jussi Hölttä
International Coach Federation

We are social creatures and learn best when we do it together.

½ day

1590e (+24% VAT) for groups up to 20 people.

Buyer provides the space and travel costs outside the Helsinki region.

Human Learning
½ day
Learn a Thing
5x ½ day
2x ½ day

8900e (+24% VAT) for groups up to 6 people.

+8000e for up to 12 people.

In this training we build learning habits while learning a thing relevant and immediately useful to everyone over the span of 8 weeks. The Thing is something everyone wants to learn and the scope depends on current abilities of the attendees. This is most suited for groups of people who already work together or need to work together in the future.

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Keywords: learning, practice, habit, exercise, collaboration, mindfulness, practice, yet, memory, practice

Work/life, emotional/rational, business/pleasure, soft/hard.

These divisions that live in our collective consciousness are a major source of suffering in the world. Leaving a part of you at the door is either a sign or a source of mental illness.

Under the roles and stories of who we are, we are all human. Showing up wholeheartedly not only feels better, but also allows us to perform better.

Human Being
1 day

2900e (+24% VAT) for groups up to 10 people.

+2000e for up to 20 people.

Human Together
4x 1 day

7900e (+24% VAT) for groups up to 5 people.

+6000e for up to 10 people.

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Keywords: compassion, collaboration, mindfulness, practice

I help people discover what they want to be and get started on the journey. Here and now. Sometimes just knowing that you don't know can be the first step on a new path.

Due to the unpredictable nature of our brains, life changing insights aren't guaranteed. I strive to create conditions where they are possible. Most long term change comes from building new habits and that's why I sell only sets where there's enough time and space for repetition and habit forming.

Pick the option most suited for you right now:

Head on Straight
1+7 sessions /
2 months
Discover You
1+10 sessions / 3 months
Above & Beyond
1+12 sessions / 6 months

400e starting fee and two checkpoints (halfway through the process and last session) where you pay 1-2% of your gross annual income based on the value you have gained so far.

For an average salaried employee (3368e/m) in Finland this is about 1950e total. +24% VAT for companies, included for private customers.
Session length 1-1.5h. The first shorter 30-45min session is always free, starting fee is billed only when you decide to continue.

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Keywords: growth, habit, practice, yet

"Would recommend."

- Janne, Senior Analyst

"Jussi improves the quality of work life!"

- Anne, Scrum Master

"Carefully gets to know the routines, dynamics and problems of the team and finds solutions."

- Sami, Development Manager

"I feel like I'm at home"

- Inka, HR Specialist

"We talked with Jussi about things that had been on my mind for a long time, but I hadn't been able to act on by myself. The discussions went quite deep and we worked on improving both my career and life in general. In the end, I got help for changing not only my career, but also my exercise habits and outlook on life, for the better. I feel that Jussi truly cares and wants to help. Overall an awesome experience."

- Elina, IT Specialist

"I have absolutely enjoyed working with Jussi. He has an amazing ability to notice patterns. In addition, he has the boldness needed to flag up even difficult issues - with care"

- Arto, Regional Director

Jussi Hölttä
International Coach Federation