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Co-creation and Consulting

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Organizational change feels sluggish? Need to make the whole organization more adaptive or effective? Enable self-organization?

The common points of failure are communication, chronic hurrying and slow feedback loops. I’ve worked in dozens of organizations and have gathered a vast collection of mistakes I can help you avoid. And a few solid ideas of what might work in your context.

I consult on learning & organizational design, sensemaking and agile & lean process development. As a facilitator enable learning and cocreation in workshops and transformational programs.


Personal Coaching

Whether you’re looking for clarity and actions now or lasting habits and radical transformation in the long term, I can help you set goals and get there. Due to the unpredictable nature of our brains, life changing insights aren’t guaranteed. I strive to create conditions where they are possible.

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“We talked with Jussi about things that had been on my mind for a long time, but I hadn’t been able to act on by myself. The discussions went quite deep and we worked on improving both my career and life in general. In the end, I got help for changing not only my career, but also my exercise habits and outlook on life, for the better. I feel that Jussi truly cares and wants to help. Overall an awesome experience.”

Elina Söderblom, Lead Computational Linguist, Kielikone

“A coaching process with Jussi brought confidence to myself and reaching for my dreams. The biggest insight was self-compassion – things and situations can change. Jussi was a calm, professional and supportive coach! Bonus points for expert comments.”

Hanna Jaakola, Entrepreneur

“I have absolutely enjoyed working with Jussi. He has an amazing ability to notice patterns. In addition, he has the boldness needed to flag up even difficult issues – with care”

Arto Miekkavaara, Partner & Co-founder, Neuroleadership Finland

“A coaching session with Jussi helped me bring clarity to a new situation in life and set concrete goals. Jussi knows how to create confidential and safe space for discussion which makes it easy to talk with him.”

Rosa Salmivuori, CEO, Helsinki Think Company

“Jussi’s ability to see the locked in potential in people and getting them moving was impressive. It opened my eyes to the fact that people need different things to learn. It takes more than materials. You need also the willingness to learn. And most importanly to apply what you learn in practice. Changing your routines takes more than determination. The team coaching process changed my view on learning and taught me to identify other people’s strengths. Even years later I don’t shy away from difficult topics. I know I can learn anything as long as I find the right means. “

Anne Kiiveri, Business Analyst, Amdocs

Published Work

For a future worth building

Learn 24/7 Workbook

The Learn 24/7 Workbook is your companion for improving your internal conditions for learning through deliberate practice. Printed book only.

Learn 24/7 Workbok

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Social Rules

A card deck for Social Rules facilitating exploration of implicit and explicit social rules. Designed for groups of 4-12 people in the same room.

Out of Print

Intertwined Moments

In this book we follow individuals in meaningful moments of their lives. Separated by time and space, yet intertwined. All doing their best to hold on to our shared humanity.

Intertwined Moments: Staying Human in Times of Crisis by Jussi Hölttä

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Hi, I’m Jussi

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I work for a future worth building: a world where we humans recognize our role as stewards of the planet, all business has positive net impact, no one has to work if they don’t want to and we can live in peace, not just in the world but also within ourselves. Every step we take, no matter how small, can be in this direction. The future is co-created and it starts today.

I’m a professional coach (ICF ACC) and coaching individuals and teams has been a part of my job since 2012. I help people clarify their own thinking, discover meaningful goals, build lasting habits and over time become who they want to be.

My background is in agile software development, consulting and organizational coaching, so continuous improvement and learning have always been a part of my work. In addition to coaching, my strengths lie in facilitation, being present, thriving in change and understanding both social and technical systems. My current sidequest is learning Everything.