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Starter Packs

Fix Anything

Throw a hypergeneralist at a problem. Any problem. 40min Zoom session. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
150 EUR + VAT

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Team workshop

2h session over Zoom for up to 10 people. E.g. retrospective, ideation or building shared clarity.
550 EUR + VAT

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Clarity. Now.

30min 1on1 coaching session to bring clarity to your thinking on a specific issue or general theme.
125 EUR + VAT

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I offer a free 30min coaching session to all new clients. You can use this to to try out coaching, discuss your needs and see are we a match for each other.

Coaching process

First 2h session is for goal setting, then 1-1.5h sessions for action and habit building. Last 2h session is for reflecting the whole journey and preparing to continue on your own. Online in Zoom.


5 sessions, 2-3 months
300 EUR starting fee and 1 checkpoint


12 sessions, 6 months
600 EUR starting fee and 2 checkpoints

Checkpoint: Choose 0.5%, 1.5% or 3% of your gross annual income.

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Co-creation and Consulting

I have more than a decade of experience in different organizations as a software engineer, organizational coach and consultant. My strengths are in systems thinking, creativity and learning. In practice I can help you e.g. through 1on1 sparring, leadership training, team coaching and facilitating workshops or larger events.

I do workshops and trainings on co-learning, facilitation, listening, social awareness, mindfulness and habit building.

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½ day workshops starting from 800 EUR + VAT

Resident Coach

Starting from from ½ day weekly slot 1900 EUR/month + VAT

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“We talked with Jussi about things that had been on my mind for a long time, but I hadn’t been able to act on by myself. The discussions went quite deep and we worked on improving both my career and life in general. In the end, I got help for changing not only my career, but also my exercise habits and outlook on life, for the better. I feel that Jussi truly cares and wants to help. Overall an awesome experience.”

Elina Söderblom, Lead Computational Linguist, Kielikone

“A coaching process with Jussi brought confidence to myself and reaching for my dreams. The biggest insight was self-compassion – things and situations can change. Jussi was a calm, professional and supportive coach! Bonus points for expert comments.”

Hanna Jaakola, Entrepreneur

“I have absolutely enjoyed working with Jussi. He has an amazing ability to notice patterns. In addition, he has the boldness needed to flag up even difficult issues – with care”

Arto Miekkavaara, Partner & Co-founder, Neuroleadership Finland

“A coaching session with Jussi helped me bring clarity to a new situation in life and set concrete goals. Jussi knows how to create confidential and safe space for discussion which makes it easy to talk with him.”

Rosa Salmivuori, CEO, Helsinki Think Company