The Learn 24/7 Workbook helps you improve your internal conditions for learning through deliberate practice.

Designed to be your personal companion on your learning journey. Learning is a hot topic across industries, but most of the available materials focus on helping you learn specific things. This book helps you improve your learning regardless of the context.

The exercises in the book are based on scientific research and practical experience in helping people learn. They will help you strengthen skills that support your learning - like curiosity, attention and association. Just like in physical training, even though occasional breakthroughs are possible, it usually takes long term repetition for tangible results.

You can try the first exercise in the book here now.


Learn 24/7 exercises are based on a personal learning journey over 6 years. It begun when I started working as a coach with a need to understand how humans work and continued through a personal transformation that you can read more about in my blog.

What I discovered is that being human and learning are not separate. Learning is what we are.

The Learn 24/7 Gym concept was born when we started coming up with ideas for our native program for Dare To Learn 2018. Together with Oskari Niitamo and Heini Hult-Miekkavaara we spent most of spring 2018 turning the insights from my journey to concrete exercises that anyone can do. After the event I wanted to make them more widely available and here we are now.


The book is available on Amazon globally.

The workbook is intentionally available only as a paperback, because one of its main functions is to create space for reflection and insight. This is a lot easier when we put away the devices or tools we normally work with. To compensate, I'm offsetting the carbon footprint by a minimum of 2 times the footprint of the book itself and the delivery through the UN Carbon offset platform.

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