Emotions are an inseparable part of learning

Every breath you take.
Every move you make.
Every sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.
Your emotions are there with you.

Learning better starts from acknowledging your emotions.


Take a moment to settle in here and now.
Listen to your body and mind.

Remember, whatever you are feeling is whatever you are already feeling right now.
You are simply tuning in to what's already here.

Name 1-3 emotions or feelings that are here. Write them down or say them out loud to welcome them.


The book is available on Amazon globally.

The workbook is intentionally available only as a paperback, because one of its main functions is to create space for reflection and insight. This is a lot easier when we put away the devices or tools we normally work with. To compensate, I'm offsetting the carbon footprint by a minimum of 2 times the footprint of the book itself and the delivery through the UN Carbon offset platform.

Books printed by Amazon have no delivery costs the countries Amazon is based in. If you are buying the book with delivery to Finland, Sweden, Denmark or Czech Republic Amazon.de offers free standard delivery for orders over 39e.

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