privacy policy

I use Mailchimp for the mailing list to store your name and email if you choose to subscribe to it. See Mailchimp privacy policy here. I use the mailing list for marketing my own services and products.

I use Calendly for booking meetings. It stores the name, email and meeting location you provide and that information is used to arrange the meeting itself. See Calendly Privacy Policy here.

This is all the personal data I collect from you, you can choose not to subscribe or book a meeting and I won't know you were even here.

If you click the affiliate links on my site, Amazon tracks the use with cookies. I can only see how many people have clicked the links each day from Amazon, no personal data at all. See Amazon privacy policy here.

I don't share any of the collected information with anyone. The mailing list is used for marketing my own services and products, and that's why I collect that information from you. Protection of the data on the mailing list is handled by Mailchimp directly. If you want to know what information I have stored about you, you can contact me via email privacy'`"@});*/\

Jussi Hölttä
International Coach Federation


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